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“Entourage” Character Vince Depicts Real-Life Substance Abuse Problems

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Have you ever watched “Entourage” on HBO?  If you’ve seen it recently then you know that the main character, Vince, is currently dealing with some substance abuse issues.  As if the frequent binge-drinking weren’t enough, there has also recently been cocaine use as well as prescription painkillers.

The advent of the drug use comes with a new girlfriend, an adult film star no less, who encourages this use.  Vince thinks he is in love with her, but it is the altered reality created by the alcohol and drugs that is fueling the synthetic feeling of love.  This is actually a very common real-life situation.  People begin to abuse drugs and alcohol and wind up in relationships where the main common bond is the drugs.  Since drug abuse is a destructive behavior then nothing but destruction can come from a “love” based on it. 

One thing that happens with people who go to inpatient drug rehabs is that when they wake up and start to become rehabilitated they see the lies that the prior relationships were built on.  By doing so they will hopefully avoid the same mistakes in the future and instead seek healthy, constructive bonds instead.  The season finale is coming up, and hopefully it includes Vince getting some effective addiction treatment help, prefeably at a non-12-step drug rehab program.