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Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation is Not a Dream Come True

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Watching a drug addict or alcoholic be lost in the world of addiction is a sad and heart wrenching event. What is just as sad is to see the elated friends and family of an addict who has decided to reach out for help. Perhaps the addict has signed into a two week or month long rehabilitation program, or has begun to faithfully attend meetings every night of the week. In many cases the true fact is what has happened here is the family has been handed a Band-Aid to ease the pain of watching their loved one be lost in a sea of drugs for a very short period of time.

So often when moms and dads or sisters or brothers drop their beloved drug addict at the doors of a rehab center to begin their month long treatment, they are just beaming, and will say it’s like a dream come true. Finally their son or daughter is going to be drug free. Yes they are, but for how long? There are certainly those that do make it in that short of a period of time. If the facts were really looked at though, what would the percentages be for this small group of successful addicts?

The reality is that drug addiction of any kind no matter what the drug is, including alcohol, affects the mind and the body. It is extremely difficult to fully treat both of these in a mere few weeks. Yes, the addict can manage to remain drug free for that period of time they are in there. Think about it though, a month to get the system totally free of any after effects of the drug, while at the same time deal with the fragile state of mind that the addict is in. Then they have to get to the point of being strong minded, stable and confident enough to walk back out into a world that they have not really been part of for whatever length of time they have been addicted. All of this in a matter of a few weeks?

Looking at it from this perspective it sheds a new light on why the optimum choice would be a long term inpatient rehab program. To begin with it lifts the mental pressure off the addict of having to try and accomplish everything a rehab program is meant to do in a short period of time. Every addict had a start to their addiction and unless they are taken back to this period to find the trigger, there is no way that one can move forward. If this isn’t addressed then there is a much higher risk of returning back to the old ways once the program is completed. This is the risk with the older types of programs that addresses the physical addiction, and relies on the addict to handle the emotional addiction.

There are two individuals that make the choice of the type of rehab program that the addict should go into. It’s either the addict himself who will usually go for the first one that he may know about and is the cheapest, or the family members will make the arrangements. The family members are so distressed at the state of their loved one they will push for the first available rehab, and the one that is most well-known to them.

Making a decision for drug rehabilitation is a big, big step and if any decision called for the need to be an informed one, it would certainly be this. Time is of the essence of course to get an individual into a program, and there are professionals who have done all the research, so all it takes is following the advice of experts who can expedite the choices that are going to give the addict the best possible chance.