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Eminem Talks About Recovery

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

It is no secret that alcohol and drugs are intertwined in the hip-hop world, and Eminem’s battle with a prescription drug addiction had been public for some time.  In an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, the rapper said, “I guess I really had to reach down, reach deep down and look at myself and realize this is my fault, like, take responsibility for the way I’m living and stop blaming other people.”

As far as celebrities who have gone to inpatient rehabs, or anyone for that matter, this is one of the most powerful statements that can be made, because blaming the addiction on someone else or some made-up disease only take the responsibility away from the person.  Many non-12 step rehabs are responsibility-based instead of disease-based, which is just one reason why they are typically more successful.

Eminem’s latest single “I’m Not Afraid” went straight to number 1 off his new album, appropriately titled “Recovery”, which was just released.  If you’re looking for a drug recovery center, we can help.  Call our hotline now to find an inpatient rehab that works by dialing 1-800-670-9372.